PATS courses

The PATS logoThe Passenger Assistant Training Scheme (PATS) has been developed for people who assist passengers whilst travelling on minibuses. Passenger Assistants can be referred to by many different names, including passenger escorts, passenger carers, care assistants, chaperones and helpers.

The important fact is that the course is aimed at those specifically responsible for looking after passengers.

Over recent years, the role of passenger assistants has grown to cover more and more responsibilities and situations. Today, there are many thousands of individuals undertaking this role.

PATS Course Objectives

The objectives of PATS are that passenger assistants will:

  • be aware of the legal, practical and safety issues surrounding the passenger assistant role
  • be given help where necessary to improve their skills
  • receive training in how to meet the specific needs of their passenger groups
  • be assessed to ensure their skills are of an acceptable standard
  • receive a certificate which is accepted by other PATS members throughout the country

The benefits of PATS

PATS will help passenger assistants:

  • improve their own and their passengers’ safety
  • help to improve their passengers’ comfort
  • meet their legal and contractual responsibilities
  • understand and meet the needs of their passengers
  • develop additional skills and a wider knowledge of their work
  • increase their confidence at work and reduce any stress involved
  • enhance the image of their organisation
  • gain formal accreditation for the work they do

Our training course covers PATS modules A, B1, B2, C1, C2 and also ‘Fire and Evacuation’ training.

The PATS courses are conducted on an ‘as required’ basis. Please contact us if you would like us to run a PATS course for you.