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We think that HCT Group is one of the best places to work as a bus driver. Here's why...

A great place to work

The HCT Group difference

A family feel: We’re a smaller operator, which means we can take the time to get to know our team. Our drivers say that it feels more like an inclusive family than a big, impersonal operator. Why not drive for an organisation where you’re not just a number?

An open door: We understand that our drivers are the people who make everything happen. Our managers and supervisors have an open door to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and hear your ideas.

Decent pay: We offer a generous starting rate of pay – and a much quicker progression to our top rates than other operators. You’ll be at our top rate after just two-years’ service.

A flexible attitude: We aim to be as flexible as possible in providing rotas that work for you – and we actively support duty swaps when you need to be somewhere else. We provide the opportunity to learn multiple routes, but also support those who like the routine of just one. Because we see our team as people, not as cogs in a machine, we can normally find something that works.

Hours, hours, hours: In addition to guaranteed paid hours, for those who want more, we’ve excellent opportunities for overtime.

Making a difference: HCT Group is a social enterprise, which means that the money we make from our bus routes doesn’t go to bosses or shareholders, but is reinvested into community transport projects. At HCT Group, you’re not just making a living, you’re making a difference – what a refreshing change.