COVID-19 and Hackney Community Transport update

HCT Group remain committed to all our members throughout this difficult time.

Posted: 25 Mar 2020

We can confirm the following with regard to Hackney Community Transport and our response to COVID-19:


  • If you have a need to hire a vehicle and you have someone in your team who would like to attend our MiDAS course so that they can drive the minibus, then we will be offering this on a one to one basis, in line with the social distancing guidelines. Group classes are suspended until further notice.


  • If you need to hire a vehicle with a driver, to support you to collect shopping or prescriptions, then please do get in contact. We have very limited resources, but are open to a conversation to see if we can support this – please do not just wonder, get in contact. The direct dial to the office is 020 7275 2414 – although our lines are very busy, we will answer. Or email rather than the G.O.A.L email at this moment in time


  • If you are a group, who already is a member, and has a driver, you can hire the vehicle to drive for any other community group to help them out – it does not need to be for use for individuals who attend your group only.


  • If you already have a MiDAS certificate, then you can get in contact and book straight away.


  • If need to have seats removed to make space for your goods, then ideally, you would do this yourselves; and then replace them. This is an unusual request, as the norm is that we do this as part of our service to you. However, as we have such limited resources, this will prove impossible at present.


  • In line with social distancing, the maximum passengers we can transport is 2-3; we will confirm when you make the call whether it is two or three – we are just looking at the measurements. If you hire from us and drive the vehicle yourselves, we ask that you also continue to comply with the social distancing set out by the Government.


  • If you need to transport cooked food / meals, please can you ensure that you have a risk assessment and that this is shared with me directly.


  • If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer as a driver – please let me know and I am happy to circulate your details to our member list.


We already had a very rigorous cleaning process, but have stepped this up during these uncertain times. If you do hire a vehicle from us, then you can be assured that we would have taken all measures to clean it ahead of hiring. We ask, as always, for you to return it in the same condition, please.


If you know any local organisation that might benefit from this, please do feel free to pass it on to them directly.

We look forward to continuing to support the communities that we all work in and care about both now and in the future.