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CT4TC announces its new name - Derbyshire Community Transport

Community Transport for Town and Country - CT4TC - has changed its name to Derbyshire Community Transport. The move follows feedback from staff and service users - and marks their new status as a part of HCT Group.

Posted: 04 May 2018

Community Transport for Town and Country (CT4TC) will become Derbyshire Community Transport from 4 May 2018. The move is in light of feedback from staff and service users and also marks their new status as a part of HCT Group.

Explaining the change, Patrick Dawson, Derbyshire Community Transport Chief Executive, said “In April this year we joined HCT Group – the UK’s largest transport social enterprise. This will help us to face the future with real confidence and we felt we should celebrate this new beginning with a new name.

“We’ve also listened to the feedback of our service users, our stakeholders and our staff. They have all told us that it would be better to have a name which reflects where we’re from and what we do rather than a ‘jumble of letters and numbers’.”

At the moment, the change will just be limited to the brand name and the look that Derbyshire Community Transport will use in future, with full legal changes to the name to come. The change will not involve rebranding everything with the old name on it at the same time for reasons of cost, although a new website is in development, with plans to launch later in the summer.

“Changing up everything at once would be expensive” said Patrick. “We’d much rather focus our resources on providing brilliant community transport services. The new name will be applied to new things as we go along – waste not, want not.

“What we won’t change is what we do and why we do it. Derbyshire Community Transport remains committed to our founding mission - we believe that no-one should be prevented from enjoying a full life because of a lack of access to transport. We’ll continue to provide our wide range of community transport services to as many people as we can.”

Dai Powell, Chief Executive of HCT Group, said “We’re delighted with the move. Derbyshire Community Transport is setting out its stall, looking to new opportunities in the months and years ahead. It’s an exciting time as Derbyshire County Council has recently set out its vision in a new transport strategy. We believe that Derbyshire Community Transport is well placed to be a genuine partner in this, helping to deliver this vision.”