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HCT Group calls for local parliamentarians to support social enterprise

Posted: 27 Apr 2010

HCT Group has called upon Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parliamentarians in seven constituencies where it has depots to demonstrate their support for a more ethical approach to business by signing the Social Enterprise Charter.

The Social Enterprise Charter was drawn up by the Social Enterprise Coalition and gives politicians a chance to demonstrate their support for the many social enterprises like us that are transforming communities across the UK and flying the flag for ethical capitalism.  Many high profile politicians have already signed up to the Charter, including Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Liam Byrne.

Dai Powell, Chief Executive of HCT Group and Social Enterprise Ambassador, said: "We are hoping that our local representatives will show that they agree that the UK needs to support a better way of doing business.  We are calling on them to make a positive commitment to social enterprises by going on record and signing up to the Charter.

HCT Group is one of 62,000 social enterprises in the UK that contribute over £24bn to the economy and employ around 800,000 people.  Like all businesses, social enterprises compete to deliver goods and services, but the major difference is that profits generated are reinvested towards achieving their social purpose.  Our social purpose is the promotion of social justice and equality for all.  Our success means that we can reinvest surpluses generated from the operation of our commercial contracts in a wide variety of transport initiatives aimed at making transport available to everyone, and in related training services from our Learning Centres.

You can find out more about the Social Enterprise Charter by visiting the Social Enterprise Coalition website.

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