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Commencement of Hull Priory Park and Ride service

Posted: 19 Jan 2010

The bad weather has been affecting everyone – and CT Plus is no different. We are due to take over the operation of the Hull Priory Park and Ride service from 1 February 2010, but due to the extreme weather conditions across Europe in recent weeks, we have experienced - like many businesses - a disruption to our supply chain. This is causing a potential delay to the delivery of our vehicles, creating a chance that we might not be ready to start on time.
CT Plus Yorkshire staff are working around the clock to make sure that we do start on time, but we are making alternative arrangements just in case.  Having identified this possible delay, we felt that it was only responsible to make Hull City Council aware of the risk even if everything turns out alright – as we sincerely hope it will.
We have proposed to Hull City Council that we subcontract the service to the most logical provider for a short period – in the event that our vehicles do not arrive on time.  By putting a ‘Plan B’ in place now, we can eliminate the chance of disruption to the travelling public – and that is what we feel really matters.  All of the other preparations we are making to get ready are on track and we remain genuinely excited about the opportunity to run public transport services in Hull. 

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