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Membership of Bristol Car Club is necessary before a vehicle can be hired. Membership is available to individuals, not-for-profit organisations, and companies. Members of Bristol Community Transport also confers membership of Bristol Car Club.

There is no charge for joining Bristol Car Club. To join, please complete a membership enquiry form below and we’ll send you a full membership pack – or call 0117 902 0157 for more details.

Bristol Car Club enquiry form

Fill in the details below to request a membership information pack.

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  • Are you, or any of your passengers, a wheelchair user. Note that although we use accessible cars it is NOT necessary to have a wheelchair user to be able to hire our vehicles.
  • Yes, 1 passenger is a wheelchair user and would travel in their wheelchair
    Yes, 2 passengers are wheelchair users and would travel in their wheelchair
    Yes, 1 passenger is a wheelchair user and would transfer from their wheelchair to one of the fixed vehicle seats for the journey
    Yes, 2 passenger are wheelchair users and both would transfer from their wheelchairs to fixed vehicle seats for the journey
    Yes, 2 passengers are wheelchair users, 1 would travel in their wheelchair and 1 would transfer to one of the vehicle seats
    No, I don't anticipate needing to carry wheelchair users
  • It will help us to know the different uses to which you think that you may use our cars
  • Trips to Doctor, Dentist, Health Centre etc
    Day Trips
    Visiting friends or family
  • Please use this box to give us an indication of the hire periods you may use (i.e. a few hours, half day, evening, full day, two or three days, full week etc). It would also be helpful to have an indication of frequency ( i.e. once a week, once a month etc).
  • Robot checking, you must tick the 'I am not a robot' box before submitting or saving your information.