How Independent Travel Training works

If the programme is the right next step for the young person, training can begin. What does the training look like?

Independent Travel Training

About the programme

The programme takes approximately 8 weeks, but this is dependent on the young person and their individual needs. Each young person has a Travel Trainer, who completes 4 modules of training with them:

  • Learning the journey and foundation travel skills
  • Personal safety and problem solving
  • Journey practice and learning alternative routes
  • Building confidence and becoming independent

Over time and when they are ready, the young person will complete more of the journey on their own until they are travelling independently for the whole journey. The Travel Trainer will always communicate with the young person about what learning they are looking at next, and will also keep the parents / carers up to date with progress.

The young person will only be signed off once they have been shadowed and are seen to be travelling safely and independently.