BCT Member Groups can use this form to request a written quote for a potential journey. Not a member? Information on joining is hereThis form asks for the information necessary for BCT to prepare a quote for you. Some additional information is also sought so that we have the information to hand should you subsequently decide to place a booking.

Please note that the final invoice costs may be different to the quote received. This could be, for example, because of difference in the route taken between the route used to prepare the quote, and a longer hire period than expected.

We will send you the quote by email. You can then contact us to advise whether you wish to make the booking.

    Get a quote for a BCT minibus booking

    Fill in the details below and we will aim to get a quote to you within one working day. If the quote meets your needs, you can simply contact us to turn it into a booking.

  • If you will be travelling to multiple locations, please include each, including postcode, on a separate line in the box below
  • Ramp or lift
    storage space
  • Only complete this section if you are providing your own driver
  • Only complete this section if you want BCT to find a volunteer driver for you
  • We are aware that we will be charged a £5 search fee.
  • sent by email
    sent by fax
    already with BCT
    to follow

  • I agree with the privacy policy

    The HCT Group is committed to safeguarding your privacy policy. Before you provide us with your personal information, please read our privacy policy. This well help you understand how and why we use your personal information and your rights and options.

    Our privacy policy can be found here: http://hctgroup.org/information_and_technical/privacy


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