Minibus hire: your low-cost alternative

Bristol Community Transport provides a low cost alternative to minibus hire for your group, club or non-profit organisation through our community Group Transport scheme.

Group Transport MinibusesGroup Transport is a financially supported scheme to keep the voluntary organisations, sports clubs, community or faith groups, schools and charities of Bristol on the move.

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles which range from 6 seater to 16 seater, the majority of which have been adapted to carry wheelchair users. Our vehicles can be booked for as little as a few hours or for as long as a few weeks and they can be used to travel anywhere within the UK.

New to Group Transport? How it works

Group Transport is like a club for not-for-profit organisations, societies, groups and clubs who join the scheme and use the minibuses. Under the terms of our licence, the service can’t be used in relation to any profitable activity or as individual transport. Other than that, it works in a similar way to regular minibus hire - but at a low cost as the service itself does not aim to make a profit. 

Getting started: You'll need to join BCT. Membership of Bristol Community Transport is available free of charge to not-for-profit organisations operating in or near Bristol. Please allow plenty of time for your membership application to be processed before your first vehicle hire, as the first hire will have to be paid for in advance.

Member groups receive significant discounts on minibus driver training and minibus passenger assistant training, in addition to being able to hire our fleet of vehicles. You can start the process to join BCT here.  

Making a booking: You can make a booking request over the phone on 0117 902 0157 or online here.

How much does it cost?: Full details of costs and charges are available in our membership pack, which can be downloaded here. We can also quote for any particlar journey using our online form here.  

A new way

We are also piloting a new way of providing Group Transport - joinbookdrive. It's a new service brought to you by Bristol Community Transport. The idea is simple: great value minibuses are parked at convenient locations near you and are available to hire online. Just unlock the bus with a smartcard and away you go. You can find out more here.    

If you have questions: please don't hesitate to contact us on 0117 902 0157 or via


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