If you are member of BCT, to book a minibus, simply complete the form below and our friendly staff will be able to confirm whether there is a vehicle available when you need it and provide a detailed estimate of the total cost. Alternatively you can contact us by phone on 0117 902 0157 to let us know:

  • The details of your trip
  • The type and size of vehicle you require
  • Whether you need a driver and/or passenger assistant

If you ever need to cancel a booking, please contact us as soon as possible on bctoffice@hctgroup.org or complete the cancellation form here.   

If your organisation is not already a member of BCT, then you will need to join BCT before being able to hire a BCT vehicle. Membership is free for not-for-profit organisations in/near Bristol.

    Book a BCT minibus

    BCT Member Groups can use this form to request a minibus booking. Bookings will be confirmed by email or phone. Sometimes, for whatever reason, emails do get delayed or lost on route. It is important, therefore, that you await confirmation of your booking. Your request will automatically be forwarded to our booking coordinators.

  • Ramp or lift
    storage space
  • Only complete this section if you are providing your own driver
  • Only complete this section if you want BCT to find a volunteer driver for you
  • We are aware that we will be charged a £5 search fee.
  • sent by email
    sent by fax
    already with BCT
    to follow

  • I agree with the privacy policy

    The HCT Group is committed to safeguarding your privacy policy. Before you provide us with your personal information, please read our privacy policy. This well help you understand how and why we use your personal information and your rights and options.

    Our privacy policy can be found here: http://hctgroup.org/information_and_technical/privacy


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