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Social Impact at Christmas

Posted: 11 Jan 2017

On Christmas Day, volunteers and staff from LaSCot and CT Plus Wandsworth gave up their time to help drive guests to the Battersea Park Rotary Club Christmas Day Lunch for the Elderly.

There were over 400 guests and more than 200 volunteers on the Day and everyone had a wonderful time.

Liz, from the Battersea Park Rotary Club, has written to both teams thanking them for their support:

"On behalf  of  the  Rotary Club of Battersea Park I want to thank you, your team in the office and all the drivers for all your help and support with our Christmas Day Lunch for the Elderly.  The organisation beforehand was really good and on Christmas Day the drivers were punctual, helpful and excellent with the guests.  So a huge thank you to all of you.”

Dai Powell, HCT Group CEO said "LaSCOT and CT Plus Wandsworth have taken being a social enterprise truely to heart, giving up their time to deliver real Social Impact for lonely and socially-isolated people at Christmas. Brilliant.  Thank you to everyone".

LaSCot volunteers: Tanya Davis, Ann Brown, Paul Brown, Delroy Staines, Seymour Anderson, Trevor Trowers, Lyndel Brown, Irfan Ziaullah, Carlton Turner, Fitzroy Anderson, Cornelius Williams, Pedro Kenton, Michael Ewans, Donald Thompson, Adrian Ude, Andre Burke, Alvin Senior, Kemoy Scott

Wandsworth volunteers: Floyd Walker, Gabor Bajusz, Karl Powell, Hanif Al-Farqui, Owusu Bawuah, Michael Martin, John Kavaliauska, Dennis Pollock, A Kharkour, Paul O'Flatherty.